About PBIC

PBIC is a young vibrant mission College managed by the congregation of the Consolers of the Agonizing Jesus Christ and the Little Lilies of Christ Sisters, it is a true home away from home and fully boarding for both male and female. it is for parents who desire academic, moral and spiritual excellence, for self realization and actualization of their children

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To create the most conducive environment that supports excellent child education through the application of missionary principles of education.


To inculcate true values in our students, for the renewal and restoration of lost glories of education.

Our Core Values

When it comes to

Quality Education

We build self-confidence in our children for a better tomorrow. We pride in self-realization and self-actualization.

When it comes to

Sound Morality

We give our children the best and undiluted moral values that will enable them stand out in the modern world without compromising.

When it comes to

Deep Spirituality

We rely on God for grace when the storms are heavy, to live and become his litttle saints even as we struggle with academics

Upcoming Events

Entrance Examination

Admission is ongoing into JSS1, JSS2, SS1 & SS2. Purchase our admission form from Enugu, Nnewi, Abuja, Lagos. For more info: Check here

Student Bazaar

The college is holding its first student bazaar since its inception. It is really a grandeur that will reunite all our old students and esteem parents, you will really not want to miss. For more info: Check here

Graduation Ceremony

Our graduation ceremony is one of a kind, we always make our students feel the relieve of college. In view of this we humbly appeal your support towards this hopeful graduation of our beloved children